Review of the Day - Westminster

2nd November, 2009: Posted by glpease in Review of the Day

There is no poetic form more concise, more rigorous than the Japanese Haiku. The form consists of three metrical phrases of five, seven, and five mora, roughly equivalent to syllables, and traditionally, contains a seasonal reference, or kigo. English versions play a little looser with the structure, but where it’s become acceptable to veer from the more philosophical strictness of the genuine Haiku, the five-seven-five pattern is always retained.

I was delighted when scanning through one of the forums, discovering this gem, penned by Moe. I’ve corresponded with this gentleman a bit, and have always found his words engaging and thoughtful, but never suspected he might be driven to poetry by smoking one of my blends.

Pease outid himself
Orientals at their best
Who needs London Mix

Those who have followed the Chronicles for a while will know that Westminster was inspired by that venerable London Mixture, originally produced by Dunhill. The article, The Road to Westminster details the journey in perhaps too many words. Moe’s concise review may have served the purpose just as well.

That said, Moe was not quite the most concise. He indicates that his was inspired by Elpizo1’s five word review from another thread.

Westminster is a good smoke!

Thanks to Elpizo1 and to Moe for their kind words and compressed approach! I’ll try to be less wordy in the future.

Warmly smoldering
Delicately fragrant clouds
Dance in the fall air