Dangerous Beauty

28th November, 2003: Posted by glpease in Pipes

There are pipes in my collection that are not the greatest smokers in the world, yet they somehow draw me to continue reaching for them. Something about them whispers in my ear, “Just one more bowl, and I’ll be all that you want me to be.” These pipes manage to seduce me into smoking them again, and again, and again, singing their siren’s song from the rack each time I sail by, until I buckle, succumbing to the sweet melody. Every time, it’s the same. I take the pipe, admire its form, its beauty, its wood, its construction. I choose a tobacco, and prepare for the rites. Read more…»

A Two Year (Old) Odyssey

19th November, 2003: Posted by glpease in Tobacco

This morning, I came across a twenty month old tin of Odyssey in a box. Might as well check it out, see how it’s doing, and what magic time has worked on this blend. Upon pulling the top, a wonderful rich, sweet, almost milk chocolate-like aroma instantly teased my senses, mingling with deeper notes of earth and smoke. Mouth watering! The overall appearance of the tobacco has changed quite a bit, the lighter tobaccos darkening to rich browns and chestnut hues, with just a hint of olive being displayed by some of the oriental strands. Like a kid in a sweets shop, I couldn’t wait to smoke a bit. Read more…»

Piccadilly - Eight Months Later

18th November, 2003: Posted by glpease in Tobacco

It was in March of 2003 that the Classic Collection was first introduced. The first four blends, Piccadilly, Kensington, Charing Cross and Blackpoint, were inspired by some of the wonderful tobaccos of London’s past. The blends were never intended to be paint-by-numbers copies of anything, living or dead, but rather were sort of impressionistic paintings of my own experiences with some of those great tobaccos of yesterday. Of the four, Piccadilly is the lightest, and possibly the most unusual. Its base of lovely, high-sugar bright and deep red Virginia leaf is peppered with a bit of perique, and enlivened with just enough Latakia to satisfy my own ceaseless craving for the smoky weed. That’s not to say that I can never get too much of the stuff. Some want to smoke it nearly straight, which deadens the senses too quickly, and makes for a very monotonous experience. That’s not for me. I do love Latakia, though, whether used as a delicate spice, or with a somewhat more assertive hand. Read more…»