Review of the Day - The First One

18th June, 2009: Posted by glpease in Review of the Day

I’ve moved these from the News page over to here, as it seemed like a better home for them. -glp

It’s no secret - I watch the reviews on If you were in this business, wouldn’t you? They’re often entertaining, sometimes enlightening, and occasionally, even well thought out. There are guys out there who have that rare combination of an understanding of what they’re smoking, a gift for articulating their impressions, and the willingness to open their minds to what might be a new experience for them.

Usually, I even enjoy the less than glowing reviews that are sometimes penned about one of my blends. Sure, I’d rather have positive ones, but a well considered criticism often brings with it new understanding of the way others experience things. We’ve all got different tastes, and it’s a source of constant interest for me to get a glimpse of just how different they can be.

Once in a while, though, it just gets silly. Today’s Platinum Pen Award for thoughtful eloquence goes to this one, reproduced in its entirety.

Nothing special here. Just the Trademark taste of crap! I cant believe I fell for the GL Pease line. Have not found one variety I would buy twice!

I’ve always wondered what crap really tastes like when smoked in a pipe, having never actually tried it, though I’ve never considered whether or not it could actually be trademarked. I’ll file the registration papers at once! Thenceforth, anyone producing anything that someone thinks tastes like “crap” will owe me a percentage of their profits. With all the “crap” on the shelves of grocery stores, not to mention produced by the fast food industry, I’ll be rich beyond my wildest dreams!

I’m heading over to the Bugatti dealer to order my Veyron. By the time it’s built, I should have just enough pennies in my piggie.