Review of the Day - Robusto

31st July, 2009: Posted by glpease in Review of the Day

This is fun. Robusto is one of those blends that people either get, or they don’t. It was never intended to be a “cigar in a pipe” experience, but a blend that uses the cigar leaf to add a new dimension to the pipe smoker’s palette of flavour experience. It’s always been something of a “sleeper,” not getting the same exposure as some of the more mainstream blends, but it has its following, and is one of my personal faves, especially with some age behind it. I have one of those foil bags that I used for the 8oz packaging a few years ago, and it’s a delight to dip into once in a while.

Slow Draw definitely gets it. Here’s what he has to say about Robusto:

Heck yeah, when I want a satisfying smoke, I can depend on Robusto to deliver. Rich and full of flavor. Straight forward and stout like a dark, fat cigar, but softened up just enough to make it a silky smooth pipe experience. No, not a cigar in the bowl, but actually more rewarding, for me personally…less acrid as the tobacco becomes richer.

The second half of the bowl is when the cigar personality really starts to come out. Slow puffing is essential so as not to dull the tongue and become overwhelmed with roasted richness. Cigar blends are now earning a spot in my collection.

Thanks for the kind words, Mr Draw! Glad to know that Robusto has introduced you to the possibilities of cigar leaf in blends. Have you tried Key Largo?