Selected Pieces from My Collection

August, 2007

It's been a great pleasure, over the years, to buy, sell, trade pipes, always with an eye on building up something that would, one day, resemble a real collection. I'm still not there, but I've managed to put a bunch of pipes in my racks that I really enjoy. What you'll see on these pages is the result of a love of pipes that are great smokers, are representative of just what they are, and an indication of my clearly ecclectic tastes. (Either that, or I just can't make up my mind what I like best.)


I've tried to collect shapes. I've tried to collect brands. It's worked, briefly, but something always comes along that forces me out of whatever box I've put myself in at the time. So it goes. I guess I am just a little nuts over pipes...

As I get around to photographing them, more will appear. There are a lot of pipes to shoot.