What's This?

Originally, the ultra clever introduction to this page read,

Here can be found lots of words, presented in something that I hope is a sensible order. Some of these words have something to do with pipes and tobacco, while others may not. This is sort of a vanity page, I suppose. Then again, this whole site is a sort -of vanity page. But, since it's my site, I can put what I want on it, and I want to put some writings here. Some of these words belong to others, and are so noted. The rest are mine. (Actually, the words themselves aren't anyones to claim, and remain in the public domain, but the sensible order is the property of the person who put them together that way, so be respectful, and don't filch.

Now, it's become something more like a legacy page, just to retain some old content that people seem to like, or have bookmarked; the old articles were simply massaged to fit into the new style, and put back with the same URL. Newer things will generally be found in the Briar & Leaf Chronicles. I will likely take the opportunity to do some small editorial changes at some point, but for the most part, what's here is identical to what was presented before, but, hopefully, a little easier on the eyes.