Virginia Legendes

CORPS 2005

Congratulations to the Conclave of Richmond Pipe Smokers (C.O.R.P.S.) On Their 20th Anniversary


This limited edition tobacco was produced especially to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the C.O.R.P.S. show. It was a great pleasure to do something special for this wonderful club and the amazing show they produce every year.

Virginia Legends is a blend of several grades of flue-cured leaf, from bright lemon to deep red are combined for a wonderful balance of body and sweetness. A bit of perique adds piquancy and a deliberate hint of spiced fruit. Dark fired Kentucky leaf brings up the low notes with its earthy character, and just a whisper of Cyprus Latakia adds a subtle smokiness. The smoke is rich, smooth and flavorful, with wonderful complexity and a delightful natural room aroma. Only 200 tins were produced, available exclusively at the show.

NOTE: This blend was produced exclusively for CORPS pipe show in Richmond, and sold out very, very quickly. It is no longer available. This page is provided for historical purposes only.